Types of translation

"Normal" translation

"Normal" translation is the well known, traditional lingual process of exchanging and adapting a text from one language (source language) into another (target language), or sometimes into more languages. This is usually done by qualified translators, though naturally in the case of specialised texts we prefer translators expert in that particular field to general translators.

We always take the type of document into consideration as we understand that the translation of content based documents (contracts, user guides) differs from the processing required by form based texts (advertisements, poems). Moreover, it is also very important to follow clients' instructions and the intended future use.

We can deliver "Normal" translations as fast as you wish. Shorter, 2-3 page long texts can be translated within a few hours though it is cheaper if we are given two days. We have already translated tender documentations within a few days and technical specifications in some weeks' time.

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"Certified translation" vs. "Official translation"

When you need to submit documents to authorities, you might need certified translation (financial reports, certificates). In Hungary the simplest description of "Certified translation" is what is done by OFFI (Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation Company). This doesn't mean that all OFFI translations are certified but, due to a regulation, OFFI is the only company authorized to provide certified translations.

However, we are not about to send you to OFFI. On the one hand, they don't pay us commission:) and on the other hand, we can provide you with a cheaper, faster and more comfortable solution.

We - similarly to other translation agencies - can also do "Official translation". It is a proofread normal translation printed on our official paper with a bilingual certification and official stamp. This is much cheaper and faster than OFFI's 30-day process but please note that it is not accepted by all authorities. It is very important to collect the necessary information before ordering official translation of documents.

Some of those who have already accepted our official translations: Embassy of Canada in Budapest, Embassy of Ireland in Budapest, foreign universities, employers, national and international banks and many business partners of our clients.

Detailed information about official translation fees.



Localization is a special type of translation during which the preservation of the global content, the form and the desired effect is often more important than the exact meaning of words. Localization requires a different way of thinking than in the case of "normal translation". This is when translators can (and must) use their creativity , while it is not typical during "normal" translation procedures.

We have already localised advertisment spots, slogans and various digital contents.

Localization prices usually do not differ from translation prices. For special projects ask for our quotation.


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