Prices [translation]

Official prices for translations by Educomm Communicatons (valid from 1 June 2008)


Prices indicated in the table are valid in case there is at least 36 hours between the receipt of the order and the deadline. In urgent cases, extra charges have to be paid. NORMAL
(max. 6 pages / working day)
(max. 8 pages/ working day)
(max. 10 pages / working day)
Category 1 EUR 0.06 / word EUR 0.07 / word EUR 0.08 / word
Category 2 EUR 0.08 / word EUR 0.10 / word EUR 0.12 / word
Category 3 EUR 0.12 / word EUR 0.15 / word EUR 0.18 / word

The above prices are exclusive of VAT.
Minimal quantity is 200 words

Language Combination Categories:

Category 1. BETWEEN English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish AND Central or East European languages;
Category 2. BETWEEN English, German, Russian or Spanish or INTO Asian languages;
Category 3. BETWEEN: Central or East European languages or BETWEEN Languages of Group 1 AND Scandinavian or INTO Asian languages.

On request, a price quote is given, based on the source characters or the source words as common practice in Western Europe. This way, it is easy to calculate the exact amount to be paid.

Services free of charge:

  • Creating archives of source and translated documents (also to CDs if necessary);
  • Delivery of the printed translated material and/or via e-mail and/or fax and/or floppy disk (in any PC format chosen by the Client);
  • Delivery of the translated material in the word processor format of the Client's choice on CD and/or via e-mail.

Quantity discount:

  • above 100 pages 3%;
  • above 500 pages 5%;
  • above 1000 pages 7%

Loyalty discount

  • In case of concluding a translation agreement with Educomm, we can offer a 10% discount off our prices.

Extra charges:

  • Immediate urgency: 30-70 % overcharge (on the day of order, depending on the quantity and terminology.)
  • Translation of specialized texts (special knowledge needed): 10-30 % overcharge;
  • In the case of hardly legible writing or handwriting: 10-50% overcharge depending on legibility;
  • Translation of a CD, tape or videotape: 100%, in case of low quality + 25%;
  • Mirror editing (creating an edition absolutely identical with the original text) + 25%;
  • Consulting edition: + 50% above translation;
  • Official translation: + 25% overcharge

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