Interpreting equipment

The conference equipment is most frequently used for the purposes of simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting is usually carried out from a closed room. The interpreters (in this case two interpreters) sit in the "interpreting cabin".

In the summer of 2006 we worked for the National Office of Cultural Heritage. The Office organizes an event every year when ordinary people (people in the street) can join and attend a lecture by a lecturer who is an expert of cultural heritage. In 2006 we distributed the head-sets in cooperation with the colleagues of the Office. The event was very successful and no head-set got lost at all:)

In fact this equipment forms the basis of the so-called “factory-visit" interpretation, when the interpreter takes a microphone and the visitors get head-sets while walking around. Naturally, the  whole event is accompanied by a  technician and it involves lots of accumulators. It is important to note that indoors the infra equipment, while outdoors the radio equipment should be used.



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